I'm Coming and Bringing HAIL with Me!

I’m Coming and Bringing HAIL with me! 

Amanda Hill 


Exodus 9:13-35 

I was reading my one year Bible plan and as I came across the above passage the Lord began to quicken my spirit for me to pay attention. After doing some research this is what I learned; Hail was the seventh plague. This hail was unlike any that had been seen before. It was accompanied by a fire which ran along the ground. The crops that were destroyed by the hail and fire were flax and barley, which were ripening in the fields. These crops were not the core of the Egyptian diet, but instead were used for clothing and libations. Flax was used to make clothing and barley was made into beer. Beer was drunk by everyone; men, women and children. It was consumed more than water due to bacteria issues of the Nile. Based on when these crops mature, places this plague between February and March. The seventh plague, hail, brought judgment on these Egyptian gods; Nut, the sky goddess; Osiris, the crop fertility god; and Set, the storm god. 

Once I gained understanding, this is what the Lord said; 

“Those who are against My purpose in this nation are being used by Me. I have hardened their hearts, set them against My people and raised them up for this purpose; to show My great power and to proclaim My name in the earth. 

I am bringing judgment upon the gods of this nation that protect and intoxicate evil agendas. I Am destroying their ability to hide and cover. That which they used to conceal themselves and their schemes, I am destroying the source (flax) of the covering. They will be completely vulnerable and unable to keep secrets any longer. No more hiding! 

They have indulged in lewd, shameful, lawless behavior because of their desire to be merry and high with unholy intoxication. I am crushing the barley, which fuels their inability to hear My Spirit convict them. In this crushing, I am sobering those who shout against my anointed plan for this nation. They will long for the source of their drunkenness, but I am destroying the supply. I am removing that which makes them comfortable. I am raining down fire of holy conviction. It will sweep through streets, campuses, metro/bus stations, parks, and centers of commerce setting them ablaze. In every inch of every city in every state of this nation I am breathing a fresh wind of conviction. You will see scenes on TV where people are falling to their knees weeping, wailing and crying out in repentance. 

as this judgment damaged the idols the Egyptians built, so I am disfiguring and defacing America’s man-madeC gods. You will be able to feel their powers weaken. Even monuments, shrines, and altars in the natural that have been erected will be damaged and defaced in coming days. 

February and March are pivotal months for the church to press in and intercede to see this manifest. Tell them I am coming and I’m bringing HAIL with me!” 

Let’s pray; 

“We cry out, ‘COME LORD!’ We come into agreement with this word and decree that the hail and fire are going to fall on this nation. Destroy and burn the flax and barley. Demolish the flax’s power to cover and hide those who plot against Your purposes. We shout, ‘NO MORE HIDING!’ 

We thank You for the mercy You are showing this nation. We have tapped into a root of mercy and now we are pioneering a route of mercy! The mercy route shall be firmly established as we weep for those who have been intoxicated and unable to hear your truth. Thank you for crushing the barley so that they may experience your conviction and presence. May your holy breath bring a fresh wave of repentance upon our land. We believe holy fire is raining down on our nation setting communities, cities and states ablaze. 

We declare that every false idol is being defaced, dismantled and destroyed. May we see it happen it the natural, knowing that it is also happening in the spiritual. We press, push and pursue to see Your Kingdom come and Your will be done! BRING THE HAIL!”

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