No More Seducing the Prophets

No More Seducing the Prophets 

Amanda Hill 

March 20, 2017/June 22, 201 

This was a troubling dream for me and I’ve pondered it for months now. On June 22, I finally received the last piece of the puzzle and the word was complete. 


I was in Louisiana with an internationally known preacher who is from that area. I was on staff at his ministry. He only hired me because he knew I would tell him the truth, unlike most of the other staff members who were primarily hirelings. While we were out of the building running an errand, the preacher received a phone call that he was in a dire financial situation. I asked him what he was going to do and he replied, “Stand at the church doors and preach to them in tongues as they walk in.” I responded, “That’s manipulation and witchcraft.” 

After the service, we were in his office. I was sitting on one end of the couch, and he on the other. We were talking when suddenly he moved to my end of the couch and leaned in to try to kiss me on the lips. I pushed him away, completely disgusted and astonished and then I woke up from the dream. 

This dream has concerned me for several months. I feel like this is specifically for the state of Louisiana as well as the other states involved, but it can be valuable to the whole Body of Christ. 

In the dream, I represent the prophets and prophetic voices of today. The preacher represents the spirit of religion/religious structure. Not all, but many prophets have longed for a platform to share their words, and revelations, which isn’t wrong within itself. However, after so many years of waiting, they have grown disappointed, and apathetic and their discernment has dwindled. The religious spirit slithered in and promised promotion and prominence, seducing the prophetic voice. The true prophetic word has been tainted and diluted because the prophets have slowly been influenced and controlled by the religious structure, only prophesying words that had prior approval. Controlled by the fear of losing their status and position, the prophets who were once bold became spineless cowards. Consequently, witchcraft has strengthened to unprecedented levels. 

But today is a new day with new mercy! The Lord is calling Louisiana, back to her original intent! A fresh, bold prophetic voice is arising and it does not look like the past, nor will it bow and be seduced. It will push the religious spirit away and refuse alignment regardless of its flattering, destiny promising words. 

Last Thursday, June 22, Tropical Storm Cindy made landfall in Louisiana. One of my prophetic heroes is Cindy Jacobs. I believe she represents today’s fearless, fiery prophets that are awakening and stirring the Body of Christ. Tropical Storm Cindy swept across Louisiana and brought heavy rainfall. I believe in the Spirit this storm symbolizes the washing away of the old, polluted structures of the past, specifically the seduced prophets. The name Cindy means light, which is an attribute of Holy Spirit and the Kingdom of God. Every place this storm touched will experience great light and light exposes what is in the dark. The spirit of religion hides and breeds in darkness, but it is being unmasked and its dismantling and death are soon to follow. 

Cindy brought rainfall to 22 states; Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia. These states are now being mandated to enlarge, extend and embrace this new prophetic movement and the new breed it is birthing, for it will not be prophecy as we have previously known it. All residue has been cleansed and now Louisiana and these other states can advance with clarity as the beauty of the prophets/prophetic voices in their regions are arising, helping pioneer the way for the Lord and His Kingdom of light! 

(Side note; this word was completed on June 22, which is when Tropical Storm Cindy made landfall. Also, Cindy affected 22 states. This is an Isaiah 22:22 kairos moment.)

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