Holy Pillow Talk

Holy Pillow Talk 

January 10, 2018 

Amanda Hill 

I had a vision very early this morning. In the vision I was at a very well-known Apostolic and Prophetic Center/Church here on the east coast. We were in worship. Suddenly, Jesus appeared laying in His ornately carved, dark wood bed. The bedding was beautifully decorated with light blue and dark blue décor. Jesus literally brought his bedroom chamber into the service. 

The atmosphere became extremely awkward and uncomfortable. I began to hear the thoughts of the people in the service, “What is He doing here?” “This is unholy and perverted.” “This can’t be Jesus. He wouldn’t do this.” This is abnormal and cannot be worship.” “Disgusting.” 

He began to silently woo people to come lay down beside Him. Many people became even more uneasy and blatantly troubled by His desire for them. I finally pushed through the thoughts I heard as well as my own inhibitions and laid down by Him. Laying on the pillow next to His, I gazed into His eyes and had a personal encounter with Him. After me, many others did the same. Some people were still heavily uncomfortable and said “No” to His call. Though some were completely undone and wrecked by gazing into His eyes because they said, “Yes!” 

-End of Vision 

As I have meditated on this encounter I was reminded of a word I prophesied back in November. On 11.11.17. I was with my friend, Amanda Shiftlett, on a prayer assignment and stumbled upon a French Huguenot settlement. The Huguenots created a community around their place of worship and were devout believers. During the Revolutionary War they had to choose sides; the Patriots (those who fought for freedom from tyranny) or the loyalists (those who were loyal to the crown and wanted to be under the control of Great Britain, aka…the establishment). The Huguenots chose freedom and provided the Patriots with supplies, including wine. 

As we were driving back to the cabin from the assignment I began to weep under HIS Presence and started prophesying that a new REVOLUTION was coming, but this time to the Body of Christ. At that moment, I didn’t understand what that meant or looked like, but I knew He was posing a question and our answer would either be yes or no. 

The Church in the vision represents the current Apostolic/Prophetic movement. For years we have taught and concentrated on the methods, how to prophesy and move apostolicaly. It’s time to shift; to teach and model how to be intimate. We have lacked deep intimacy. Due to this intimacy famine, we have become comfortable, even content with prostituting HIS gifts, and have attempted to renovate His bedroom chamber into a brothel. 

For years we have ignored HIS calling and wooing us back to HIS holy bedroom, because it is awkward, uncomfortable, and even foreign. Therefore, HE is bringing the bedroom chamber to the Church where HIS beckoning can no longer be ignored. 

The question HE poses is, “Will you come and lay down beside ME and gaze into MY eyes?” The answer to this invitation is either yes or no. That is the REVOLUTION. Disregarding HIM or being lukewarm will no longer be tolerated. A dividing line has been drawn. HE is challenging us to transform from performing like the Body to simply being HIS ravished Bride. Holiness, passion and intimacy are returning to the Bride of Christ. For those who answer, “YES”, these are the reformers that will arise for the new reformation, which will affect every sphere and mountain of culture. 

There will be pockets of believers to arise and pioneer this REVOLUTION. It will come with great persecution from those who are loyalists and of the religious establishment. However, it will come with even greater reward. Don’t be deceived, this REVOLUTION will be bloody. There will be friends lost and relationships broken due to your “YES” to engage in this holy pillow talk. 

As religious mountains are brought low, and new paths are formed, allow those on the outside to see your shift, your course correction. Let them in to see you model intimacy, even when it seems awkward and uncomfortable. From lying beside HIM under the blue bedding of communion will flow fresh revelation, and you will be provided with a never-ending supply of wild wine from the deep barrels of Heaven.

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